Update: Traffic Travis 3.0 download leaked…


I meant for this to be a suprise, but it
appears the cat’s out of the bag after some
beta-testers started giving this software away
like wildfire.

The newest edition of the cutting-edge search
engine optimization software, Traffic Travis,
is going to be released to the public on
within a WEEK.

… And it will cost you NOTHING…

Yup, you heard me right. Traffic Travis 3.0 will
be available on Thursday the 14th and you can
make use of all the powerful tools without
spending a penny.

It has so many wonderfully useful features that
it’d be a drag to listen to me going on about all
of them. I’ll mention a couple though, then you
can watch the video tour.

Or if you are in a rush, watch the tour here:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=bx2jHuJg

One of the features that I love, is that it will
do an on-page SEO analysis of your webpages.

It’s almost like having an SEO expert look at your
webpage and tell you what you are doing right, and
what you are doing wrong. And then give you solutions
for improving your on-page SEO. Traffic Travis does
all that.

And no, they didn’t forget the off-page stuff, that
is all in the software too. Along with PPC competition
analysis (find out what keywords your competition is
bidding on in Adwords) and a lot more!

Here’s the video tour, go check it out:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=bx2jHuJg

Talk soon!

Kenny Wilkinson

New Product Sourcing Directory Video Tour Included

I’ve been nosing around the members area of
the INCREDIBLE directory for a while now. I found
a directory of wholesale suppliers, manufacturers
and dropshippers — putting you in touch with the best
wholesale suppliers for top quality goods so you never
have to pay retail price again!

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=qf4kn64s

Here’s just a fraction of what they offer:

A huge variety of wholesale suppliers
(over 75 categories of products, from DVDs, jewelry
and consumer electronics to prams and strollers
and plumbing supplies.)

A customer service team online 7 days a week.
If you’ve got a question, problem, or you can’t find
a supplier for a particular product… just jump
online and ask. Average response time for queries is
around 30 minutes!

Legitimate and authentic suppliers for both generic
goods and brand-name goods, including Gucci, Prada,
D&G, Versace, Polo, YSL, and Seven, to name a few!
Many suppliers with NO minimum order quantities!

A lively forum with over 25,000 members!

Directory updated daily — this is no 3 years out-of-date
list of defunct suppliers! This is the hottest information
you’ll find!

Access to this information doesn’t cost the earth. In fact
you’re likely to recover your membership price with the
money you save from your first purchase! And directory
membership is for life! So if you’re looking for wholesale
suppliers for your eBay business, or you just want to pick
up some top quality goods at wholesale prices, you should
go check this out.

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=qf4kn64s

To Your Success
Kenny Wilkinson

PS: They also have a special offer for anyone joining today!

Finally… thousands promoting YOUR info product TODAY!

Here’s What Most People Do…

Most people start with affiliate marketing.

They become affiliates for other peoples products
and along with thousands of other affiliates, try
to duke it out in the trenches for traffic and commissions.

They spend hours building blogs, doing SEO, driving paid
traffic to sales pages that may or may not convert…

ALL because they have heard that the affiliate business is
the fastest and easiest way to earn your first buck on the net.

Now don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with affiliate marketing and we make a ton of money with it too….

…and whilst it is very possible for anyone to make 6, even 7
figures each year promoting other people’s stuff, it does bring
rise to one very important question…

Why Be ONE Affiliate Among Thousands…

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=qi0uZZO6

When You Can Have Thousands Of Affiliates Promoting For YOU?

What I mean is that you should ALSO consider being on the
other side of the fence…

In other words, being the product creator!

Don’t wait see complete details here

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=qi0uZZO6

Join me today,
Kenny Wilkinson

*Free Video* (gets you money FAST)


I just discovered a free video training that
you absolutely have to check out:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=gm0bVcKo

You want to make huge money online? The fastest
and easiest way to do that is to use this same
strategy that almost every successful marketer
has used.


Do you know how long it takes to make money by
relying solely on your own efforts? Years. But
when you follow this method, you can do all this
in a matter of days:

– Grow your list faster than you ever imagined

– Introduce a flood of new prospects to your
product or service

– Make easy money by helping to promote someone
else’s products

– Grow an army of affiliates eager to make you

– And so much more!

This free video training reveals it all. Trust
me on this… go here now:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=gm0bVcKo

I’ll see you there!
Kenny Wilkinson

P.S. – By the way, this is NOT another free
money-magnet leading up to a big dollar
product launch. You’re getting the entire $197
course for nothing, and there’s no catch. He’s
giving away these videos as his way of
introducing himself to you and he’s not asking
for anything in return. See for yourself:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=gm0bVcKo

Download your New Websites… in under 2 minutes per site!

Did you get your money-site yet?
This thing is rapidly coming to an

It’s a software you can download to build
your OWN profitable sites the SAME way that
Socrates uses to bank over $22,000 every month.
It takes less than 2 minutes per site (seriously),

and you can create 100 cash sites…

Go get your own profitable site here

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=hv7gAqD4

Even if each site only makes you a measly $10/month,
how many can you build, when it only

takes 2 minutes each? 30? 100? your call…

Watch this to see how it works and Start creating your sites today

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=hv7gAqD4

Talk soon
Kenny Wilkinson

My Cliqly Story

By now, I’m sure you have heard of Cliqly. I had not until yesterday.

I was promised guaranteed commissions and a coach to encourage me along the journey.

Today I woke up to $13.40 in commission to my account and my list grew by 1/3 from 10000 to over 15000 people.

I’m not waiting around before I start promoting this to others. If you would like to join me in this journey, send an email to kenny@thesmarthomebusiness.com today for your FREE trial.

Be blessed,


  • DAY 2 update – up now to $20.50 in commission.

Are You Member Snapping Yet?

I wanted to alert you to the close of
what is probably the easiest, fastest
way to have your own full-blown read-made
nice business website — all set up to
function as membership site
(recurring payments to YOU)

It’s called "MemberSnap"

… and this product is so hot the guys behind
it have already raised the price TWICE.

Get on this before it goes up again:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=mw2FyYiT

The Deal:

You can get 3 (THREE) ready made niche membership
businesses with this special package,
ONLY available through this special link:

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=mw2FyYiT

Seriously, this is the best solution to getting a
site going fast and easy that I have ever seen in my life.

Their slogan is "Membership Sites in a Snap –
30 Second Setup, NO technical skills required"

Kenny Wilkinson

Weird Trick That Makes Over $3,500 Every Month Using Paid Surveys Online

You may have tried this in the past and didn’t
make any money because you didn’t know the

Watch this video and see it before you join…

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=jw2MS51n

See how someone goes from getting 3 bucks to

$500 in ONE Day. And repeats it over and over.

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=jw2MS51n

Success is One Click Away,
Kenny Wilkinson

Get 95 Products Setup For You For You Today! (worth $197)

As you already know, creating your own
digital product from scratch is costly
and time-consuming. And if you don’t
have the technical skills… almost

So when marketing expert Aaron Danker
and his dedicated team announced *FREE*
product installations to show off his
service, I just had to let you know.

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=te8pwwOc

When it comes to digital product
creation, Aaron is an authority on the
subject, yet humble and within reach
for any beginner.

To cut a long story short, Aaron and
his team will be setting up 5 (yes
five) products just for you, ready
to start collecting PayPal payments.

All of this will be done within 72
hours. This service is easily worth
$197 but because you’re on my list you
are entitled to exclusive deals and you
can secure this deal for free.

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=te8pwwOc
Kenny Wilkinson

This ‘Golden Ticket’ System Pays $500+ PER DAY To Complete Beginners…

Once You Receive Your GOLDEN TICKET You Will Discover…

That a Financial Abundant Lifestyle is right at YOUR doorstep, just waiting for you to GRAB hold of it!

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What the World’s 1%’s are doing to Create Generational Lasting Wealth and how to "Reverse Engineer" this system for your own benefit!

Why you are about to Loose A Lot Of Money (IF you don’t act FAST on this knowledge?!)

==> http://www.thesmarthomebusiness.com/?rd=pr12lhRW

Kenny Wilkinson

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