Read comics for $30 an hour

Do you remember reading comic books as a kid? Cheering for Batman fighting against the Joker, or for Wonder Woman knocking out some generic thugs? Those were the days! Well, a job’s just come up that allows you to relive your youth reading comics and earn an income for it! Here are the details…

Job title: Earn extra dollars testing and reviewing comic book reading apps on your phone or tablet

Job description: Did you ever like reading comic books? Do you still now? Then this is the job for you. We’re searching for someone from all countries to test and review comic book reading apps using your phone or tablet (both Android and IOS). Even if you’re only slightly interested in comics this could be a good job for you, as your main task is to test the functionality of the apps on your phone or tablet and write up a quick review of your experience.

Pay: $30 an hour ($240 a day)

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Location: People from all countries can apply to this job role. It’s remote and online, so there’s no need to commute or anything annoying like that!

Requirements: You need to be fairly comfortable reading English, as that’s the language most of the comics are in. Although, if you’re reading this email, you’ll be fine on that front! You also need: an Android or IOS phone or tablet; internet access; and 8 hours available each week to test and review apps.

Experience necessary: An enthusiasm for comic books, or the nostalgia for them, would be a benefit. But really, the only experience you need is the ability to download an app onto your phone or tablet. And when it comes to writing your app reviews, we offer full training on the best steps to take when testing and reviewing apps so don’t worry about that!

So, do you have a love for comics?

A need for some extra dollars?

Or both?

Then grab this quick before it gets snapped up by somebody else…

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Best wishes,

Yours In Success,
Kenny Wilkinson

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